Linguage Chapter

New Jersey

We are a small team of ambitious and curious high-school students with a wide range of skills and experience.

We love what we do, and we do it with passion.

James Zhang

Founder, President (Basking Ridge, NJ)

James is a senior at Ridge High School and loves exploring linguistics. While learning Latin, Mandarin Chinese, and English, James has cultivated a passion to learn more about languages in a philosophical and scientific manner.

He is the Parliamentarian of the New Jersey Classical League and the president of his school’s Research Club and Red Cross Club. He also plays on his school’s varsity basketball team.

James founded Linguage in the hopes to share with others his passion for linguistics and to help bring communities together with a stronger understanding and cooperation of cultural appreciation. James’s other interests include blogging, basketball, computer science, and physics. He wants to pursue linguistics in college and computational linguistics later in graduate school.

Aryan Nair

Chapter Leader (Edison, NJ) 

Aryan Nair is a high school sophomore who was raised in the suburbs of Edison, New Jersey. Growing up in a multicultural household, Aryan has loved exploring other cultures, traveling the world, and learning new languages (he now knows a total of 6 languages)! After starting with Latin in his freshman year, he admits that it’s most definitely his favorite language.

Exposed to a variety of languages, Aryan was always curious about the science behind languages. That’s when he discovered linguistics. After researching the field during his free time and working on various projects, he decided to get more involved. On the Linguage team, he is excited to spread his love for languages and linguistics.

A keen social activist, Aryan is extremely passionate about the refugee crisis and hopes to break linguistic barriers between refugees and the American public. In his free time, you can usually find Aryan editing cinematic videos, practicing photography, finding new music to make super detailed Spotify playlists, and playing sports with his friends.

Maddy Volosov

Legal Liaison (Basking Ridge, NJ)

Maddy is a 17-year-old student at Ridge High School. She is the grandchild of Russian immigrants, an influence that overwhelmingly guides the way she views the world and interprets other cultures.

Maddy often ventures outside the U.S., traveling to other countries to appreciate their way of life. She loves learning French in school, another language that parts of her family speak. She is always looking to expand her horizons and find new ways to admire others’ lifestyles. By joining the Linguage team, Maddy aims to spread the study of linguistics to other states and countries, allowing others to appreciate the importance of world languages. Although she resides in the United States, her Russian roots guide her and remain a crucial aspect of her everyday life. Maddy hopes to aid others in appreciating their own culture and those of others. 

Furthermore, she is the president of the UNICEF club, which has taught her the importance of being a role model and always seeking to help others in any possible way. By joining UNICEF, she learned how to be a leader and help those in need, which inspired her to become a lawyer. She plans on majoring in pre-legal studies and psychology in college to further her mission of helping others. 

Francesca Miele

Broadcast and Video Editor (Basking Ridge, NJ)

Francesca is a senior at Ridge High School. Her interests include running and STEM. Particularly, she wishes to combine linguistics and STEM subjects, such as robotics and engineering.

Having taken Italian for seven years and originating from a deep Italian heritage, Francesca is fascinated by the language, its culture, and, especially, how it connects her with her background. By joining the Linguage team, she wishes to aid other young students to recognize and appreciate their own cultures while having fun learning something new! 

Along with her interest in STEM subjects and passion for the Italian language, Francesca enjoys running for her Ridge Cross Country/Track and Field team, painting, and surfing.

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