Our Goals

As an educational nonprofit organization, Linguage strives to bridge communities from all over the world by promoting the study of linguistics.


We strive to spread creativity and expand the horizons of all who use our resources for whatever purpose through the teaching of linguistics.


We strive to teach linguistics in progressive and engaging ways to spark interests in our students.


We strive to foster collaborative environments so that our students can work together to explore linguistics.


Linguage is a student-led nonprofit organization aimed to promote and open the fruitful world of linguistics by offering free and accessible lessons and modules to students in middle and high school, ensuring that there is an equal opportunity for all. In doing so, we intend to strengthen the bond between the youth and their own cultures while sparking interest and appreciation for those of others.

In today’s vast and polarized atmosphere, we find it imperative to spread cultural appreciation and respect for all various backgrounds and cultures. Through Linguage, we aspire to bring communities together as individuals themselves discover the immense value of diversity that our world has to offer. What better way to accomplish this goal than exploring one of the most riveting intricacies of human nature?


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