Linguage Chapter

Seattle, Washington

We are a small team of ambitious and curious high-school students with a wide range of skills and experience.

We love what we do, and we do it with passion.

Nathan Apfel

Chapter Leader

Nathan is a freshman at Yale University. A member of the Linguistic Society of America, he hopes that his work at Linguage will encourage teens across the country to take a harder look at the hidden beauty and fascinating intricacies of human language. Nathan first became interested in this phenomenon in 7th grade when he began taking Latin, a class he continued for 9 semesters.

Nathan has worked with neuro-linguistics in the past, designing/performing an experiment on the phonetics of inner speech (the voice inside your head), overseen by a P.h.D. Scientist from the University of Washington.

Nathan is also active in his community, volunteering in Seattle, co-running the National curriculum team of environmental education nonprofits, working with/for local Black-Led BLM activist groups, and achieving lead roles in high school theatre productions. The study of language is an often overlooked but integral piece of these activities as well.

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